Citrus Based Cleaner:
PO Box 8627, Christchurch 8440, NZ
Phone: 03 381 2052
Freephone: 0800 424 878


BIODEGRADABLE - VERSATILE - ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - NZ MADE - CONCENTRATE Citrus Based Cleaner is ALL your cleaning products in just the ONE bottle. This saves you time, space and money. Check out our Special offers below: read more

Pump for 5 litre containers

For easy pouring this pump fits on top of the 5 litre containers.

5 Litre Pump 38 MM

5 Litre Pump 38 MM

This pump fits on top of the 5 litre containers for easy pouring into your spray bottles. They fit all 5 litres that have a 38 MM cap.

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Price: NZ$10.00

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