Citrus Based Cleaner:
PO Box 8627, Christchurch 8440, NZ
Phone: 03 381 2052
Freephone: 0800 424 878


BIODEGRADABLE - VERSATILE - ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - NZ MADE - CONCENTRATE Citrus Based Cleaner is ALL your cleaning products in just the ONE bottle. This saves you time, space and money. Check out our Special offers below: read more

"Our Commitment To Our Customers"

1/ We will provide friendly, courteous awesome service. We will respect you and not take advantage. 2/ We will honour our commitments to you absolutely. 3/ Our product/merchandise will always arrive to you in adequate time and satisfactory quality. 3/ We will acknowledge any communication you have with us before the end of the next working day. 4/ We will be honest, truthful and "up-front" with you at all times. 5/ We will communicate with you within a 12 month period to ensure you are satisfied and happy with our product. 6/ Your feedback is critical to us. I will continue to innovate and improve. I am always looking forward to your ideas, your comments and any suggestions. Regards Sheree Hayward Managing Director

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